We deliver software that weaves beauty and function

What we're building?

We at Pebblesoft make results beautiful. And the effort invisible. Doing only the work that we consider great work.

Govern Corp - Autonomous Decision Making

Governence as a service. AI platform for decision making.

At Govern Corp, we're building a technology that will forever change the way we govern our society. Reforming piece by piece, bureaucratic human processes and workflows that take hours and days into systems that can accomplish those tasks in seconds.

We're employing the next generation of AI-native software powered by Language Models and other AI Models to extract analytics from large swaths of data, and enable important people doing important work to make decisions that impacts the flourishing of human society.

Scholarly AI - Intelligent Tutoring Assistant

The way education works is changing. A Swiss Army Knife for Learning.

Based on GPT-4, Scholarly AI is a game-changing product that helps students of all backgrounds solve any assignment quickly and easily. Simply input your assignment or questions in any form, and get accurate answers in PDF format. Say goodbye to struggling with difficult assignments and say hello to Scholarly AI Tutoring Assistant.

The Scholarly AI has the potential to transform education. It allows students to easily get answers to assignments, leading to open book exams and a focus on understanding concepts. It could enhance the educational experience by distinguishing engaged students from those just going through the motions.

Dragon Prep Words Memorization App

Memorize words with the power of spaced repitition. Expertly selected sets of words to ace SSATs.

Dragon Prep Words Memorization is a user-friendly mobile app designed to help students study and learn with flashcards. It features a range of tools that make it easy for students to create and study their own flashcard decks, including the powerful SN2 spaced repetition algorithm. Students can compete on the leaderboard and earn rewards, while parents receive weekly notifications to track their child's progress.

Teachers also have access to an associated admin panel, where they can review students' performance and revision statistics. Teachers can also create and assign flashcard decks to their students, and track their progress. It also allows control over redeeming paid cards for internal classes.


Everything for everyone. Changing how ownership works.

We enable people to flexibly rent any product at fractional price of original cost. This is a platform for people to subscribe and rent products that they otherwise can’t afford to buy. Purchase of expensive products leaves people throwing them away and selling for low price. There exists no mechanism to rent and return.

There are major problems of trust building, damage protections, and recycling when products are circulated on such platforms, and Rentya is being designed, built, and deployed to solve these major challenges.

Dragon Prep – Online College Testing Platform

SAT Test has moved online. We give elite preparation to compete at highest level.

Major standardized tests are moving online and there’s a need for a platform that gamifies the experience of private test trainings. Partnering up with Dragon Prep, we are developing web applications, mobile apps to support its pivot into this new arena of online test taking.

We work closely with our partners at Dragon Prep, where their deep understanding of test taking space, and our expertise in engineering frontend for applications and developing robust backend architectures combines to make that move into new market as effortless as possible.

Des Lettres – Thoughts and Letters

Writing is timeless record. A hot-bed of literary expressions and agitated ideas.

Des Lettres is a platform for people to share their thoughts and opinions on various topics, ideas, and issues.

Community blog and forum focused on discussion of issues of state, economy, biases, philosophy, technology, automation, among other topics.

Why we‘re here?

We feel there’s a need for us to exist, and we think it takes a different kind of company to solve these problems.

We believe with right technology and right people we can solve hard problems that face our societies and inhibit their potential.

Today we see our society full of bureaucratic tasks and processes that are systemic and mundane in nature, opposing everything that stands in favor of societal development while the data we have available is ubiquitous, internet reach that extends to remote villages, post COVID-19 technology that’s refined for remote operations, and technology that almost seems magical.

Problems of bureaucracy and education are important problems that live at heart of stagnant societies and we at Pebblesoft are seeking answers, refining ourselves to stand up to these challenges, designing products and services in vein of building a better world. Better than we took it.

What we do?

We’re building software experiences that advance human progress.

We make products that weave beauty, utility into fabrics of great user experiences.

We believe our choices in design, user experience, engineering tools, and stacks define durability and standard. We love what we do and we want our customers to love the products we make.

We start at the user experience. The paint at the surface. We imagine how it should feel, how it should work, how it should be. Then we work backwards to the technology. We cater both form and function.

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We build our company around visionary engineering

We’re engineers on a mission. Neither academics nor developers.

Engineering software systems is means to solve important problems. We have assembled a team that combines practical expertise in backend architectures, frontend engineering, user experience design, and data science. At Pebblesoft, we strive for a culture where every missionary is bound to execute ruthlessly in the service of the mission.

Our missionaries

We meet problems at their roots

Our customers have novel ideas and deep understanding of problems they face. We have an engineering mindset, and designers who have great taste.

We are present where the problems reside to work directly with our customers – deploying products, building infrastructure, integrating data, optimizing workflow, taking feedback and re-deploying amends on the fly. We strive for very few partnerships, but ones that are meaningful so that we can get the most out of handful of our products and our engineering expertise.

We design technology that empowers human progress

Man-machine symbiosis has powerful applications where complementing human capabilities with those of machine power and interconnectedness of high speed internet we can deliver value where it’s needed most.

We design technology and business models that can bring valuable change in our neighbourhoods, our villages, our universities, and our societies. Missionaries at Pebblesoft look to what they have and build valuable services that are the dire need of this day. This includes building cashflows to support building of remote schools infrastructure and School Operating Systems, to developing services like Rentya to enable people to rent expensive items at fraction of costs.

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We devote ourselves to problems that need us the most

We choose battles that matter.

There are far too many problems in this world and many businesses deliver incredible value by solving those challenges. We have chosen to work on building systems that can help us leverage data, software technologies, IoT infrastructure to build products that solve major challenges in EdTech, business intelligence, finance, and circular economy.

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